mRing 4.0.2

Ultimate MP3 ringtone manager for your Treo

Have you ever wished you could assign different ring tones to your Contacts, Categories and System events beyond the limitations of Treo Favorites? With mRing, it's easy and simple. Using mRing you can assign MIDI, MP3 and WAV ring tones to each individual contact or contact category in your address book.

mRing enables you to assign a different ring tone to each contact in your address book. If you have organized your contacts into categories you can assign a special ring tone to each category - use different tunes for all your friends, co-workers, family....

In addition to customizing ring tones, you can instruct mRing to turn vibrate mode on for each contact or category, use the same or different tune for phone calls and SMS, define voicemail notification ring tones, or simply to silence your phone in special cases. Also, you can configure mRing to vibrate few times before it starts ringing giving you the opportunity to accept or deny phone call before making any noise.

Key features of the program include:

  • Use system, MIDI, MP3 and WAV ring tones
  • Assign ring tones to both Phone Book Categories and Individual Contacts
  • Assign ring tone to system sounds, including known and unknown callers, SMS and voicemail notification
  • Different ringtones for phone call and SMS
  • VIP and Silent mode support
  • Profile and profile scheduling features
  • Ascending ringtones and vibrate before ring options
  • Works with default contact database - no duplicate information
  • Support for various WAV formats natively
  • Optimized for Treo 650

A comprehensive ringtone manager for your Treo handset.

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mRing 4.0.2

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